My Services

~ One-on-one training for your specific goals:

  •    Strength
  •    Sport
  •    Flexibility
  •    Functional Movement
  •    Posture & Alignment
  •    More Energy
  •    Weight Loss

~ One-on-One RAW Power yoga

This will take your yoga practice to a whole new level. We will break down the poses and movements and get very specific with your personal body alignment for each movement.

I offer Session by session or different packages for the option of a more affordable way to reach your goals.

~ Staycation “retreats”, or travel with your group.

This is a really fun way to take fitness with you and introduce it to your friends, or do something different with your friends who are already fitness fans. I will design a fitness plan around your time away, utilizing the areas we are in and the movements you love most.
Please contact me for more information.